For Father's Day Crown Royal honored fathers by immortalizing them in an epic way and portraying them as the kings they are — with royal velvet portraits. We created where you can upload a photo of your father and place his face in different royal portraits, created by 5 different illustrators.

My Dad even got to be the teaser image of the campaign. 

People were also prompted to enter to win a real version of the digital portrait they created, a real epic royal velvet portrait
of their dad. We even used the purple Crown Royal “velvet” bag as the canvas for each royal portraits, nodding to the
Black Velvet paintings seen in your favorite dive bars.

We created these short film pieces to be shared on social to help drive our followers to the contest:  

50 people across the country won the real, large-scale paintings comoplete with gilded frames.
We even surprised a few Dads with their paintings in person and made a film about it: 

Here's the simple app interface that was used for submissions.